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Lava Love

This Woman is Unveiling the Detoxifying Power of Oregon Ash With her Lava Love Volcano Soap

Lava Love Founder Elisabeth Dunham

Out of the high desert of Central Oregon, a unique soap company has emerged, harnessing the power of volcanic ash to create a revolutionary skincare experience.

All Products Lava Love

All Products Lava Love

Lava Love Exfoliating Volcano Soap, founded by entrepreneur Elisabeth Dunham, combines organic ingredients with detoxifying volcanic minerals.

At the heart of Lava Love’s formula lies bentonite clay, sourced from volcanic ash. This remarkable clay possesses absorbent and detoxifying properties, effectively binding to toxins like heavy metals and pollutants, leaving your skin purified and cleansed.

Volcano Soap Bar

Lava Love also incorporates zeolite, a volcanic mineral known for its unique cage-like molecular structure. Zeolite not only binds to toxins but also eliminates them from the surface of the skin, providing a refreshing and rejuvenating effect.

Pumice, a volcanic rock, takes center stage in Lava Love’s exfoliating soap. Its rough, textured surface gently removes dead skin cells, unveiling a softer and smoother complexion. With the perfect combination of pumice, bentonite, and zeolite, Lava Love offers an invigorating cleanse like no other.

Lava Love Soap

Lava Love Soap

Versatile Uses of Lava Love:

  1. Gardening Soap and Degreaser: After a day spent tending to your garden or working in the kitchen or garage, Lava Love effectively eliminates dirt, grease, and grime, leaving your hands clean and refreshed.
  2. Exfoliating Beauty Cleanser: Just like using a pumice stone, Lava Love can be incorporated into your shower or bath routine to exfoliate your hands and feet. While pumice removes dead skin cells, bentonite and zeolite gently draw out toxins, making it an ideal choice for detoxifying and rejuvenating these often-neglected areas.
  3. Deodorant Soap: Lava Love’s absorbent properties make it an excellent deodorant soap. It not only cleanses but also absorbs moisture, reducing odor and leaving you feeling fresh and confident.
  4. Detoxifying Bath Soap for Kids: Lava Love provides a gentle and effective way to detoxify your child’s bathwater. The bentonite and zeolite in the soap help remove chlorine and heavy metals, ensuring a toxin-free bathing experience.
  5. All-over Body Soap and Exfoliating Scrub: Embrace Lava Love as an all-over body soap, enjoying a thorough cleanse. The lather doubles as an exfoliating scrub, making it particularly beneficial during juice cleanses to eliminate waste exiting through the skin.

Elisabeth Dunham, a writer and nutritionist who lives in Oregon, is the mastermind behind Lava Love.

Her journey began when she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in 2008. Determined to heal herself, Dunham embraced dietary changes and discovered the healing power of clay baths. Inspired by her recovery, she developed Lava Love to share the therapeutic benefits of clay with others.


Lava Love’s Range of Products also includes Lava Love Full Spectrum Hemp Oil CBD and a variety of raw, vegan, and organic CBD oils blended with Chinese medicinal herbs and essential oils. Sourced from the base of volcanoes in Sisters, Oregon, these products provide both flavor and medicinal benefits. Lava Love is the only U.S. company to sell bulk versions of premium oils on par with Charlotte’s web and other major organic brands.

Let the power of volcanic ash transform your skincare routine with Lava Love. Founded in the captivating landscapes of Central Oregon, this company combines organic ingredients with detoxifying volcanic minerals to offer a truly unique experience. Whether you’re a gardener seeking relief or a beauty enthusiast longing for a rejuvenating cleanse, Lava Love is here to revolutionize your self-care rituals. Embrace the volcanic wonders and embark on a journey towards healthier, vibrant skin.

To explore Lava Love’s range of products and learn more about their mission, visit their website at

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