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Discover the Culinary Genius of Molé: A Beautiful Restaurant on El Paseo

Right in the heart of Palm Desert’s El Paseo, Molé Comida is a nice stop for a weekday lunch. Not only is the food delicious – with standout authentic made-from-scratch sauces – but it’s also one of the most beautiful newer restaurants in the area.


From its remarkable interior design to the culinary creations of Chef Roberto Madrid, Molé offers an unforgettable dining experience.

The Culinary Journey at Molé

Crafted by the acclaimed Chef Roberto Madrid and restaurateur Heinrich Stasiuk, Molé Comida showcases the pinnacle of modern Mexican cuisine. By combining traditional recipes with contemporary techniques and presentation, each dish becomes a masterpiece that reflects the chef’s passion and skill. With an unwavering focus on quality and creativity, Molé offers a diverse menu that will surely satisfy every palate.

Understanding Mole:

Mole, a quintessential element of Mexican cuisine, is a rich and complex sauce that typically combines a variety of ingredients, such as spices, nuts, fruits, and chocolate. The history of mole is deeply rooted in Mexican culture and dates back centuries. Legend has it that mole was created by nuns in Puebla, Mexico, as a tribute to a visiting archbishop, using a blend of indigenous and Spanish flavors. Today, mole is celebrated as a symbol of Mexican culinary heritage and is enjoyed in numerous variations across the country.

Molé Comida at The Shops on El Paseo brings the authentic flavors of Mexico to Palm Desert, California.

We sampled a variety of enchiladas and salads and chatted with the friendly waitress who told us a sister restaurant is about to open up the street called Shorebird under the same management.

If it’s any bit as good as Mole we can’t wait to try it!




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